Verb Tenses, Moods and Phrases: The Syllabus

This 8-week online course consists of videos, reading activities weekly quizzes and a final exam. A certificate is issued at the end of the course.

Verb tenses, moods and phrases

Verb Tenses, Moods and Phrases

The twelve verb tenses in English will be covered in this course. The three time references include the present, the past and the future. Each time reference is divided into four aspects: the simple, the continuous, the perfect and the perfect continuous. Continuous forms are also known as progressive forms.

The three moods covered in this course are the present subjunctive, the unreal past (also known as the past subjunctive) and the imperative form.

Several verb phrases are also included such as "used to," "have got" and "there be."

8 Weeks

$ 47

Week 1

  • The Present Simple
  • The Present Continuous
  • The Imperative
  • The Present Subjunctive

Week 2

  • The Past Simple
  • The Past Continuous
  • The Unreal Past
  • "Would" and "Used to"

Week 3

  • The Present Perfect
  • Present Perfect Continuous
  • The Past Perfect
  • The Past Perfect Continuous

Week 4

  • The going-to future
  • The simple future
  • The future continuous
  • The future perfect simple and continuous

Week 5

  • Present Tenses for the Future
  • Future Expressions
  • Future in the Past
  • "Would": The Past of "Will"

Week 6

  • State Verbs
  • "Have" and "Have Got"
  • "There be"

Week 7

  • Final Exam

Week 8

  • A grace period to submit late assignments

8 Weeks

$ 47